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Exoware is a software and systems consulting firm based in Southern Ontario. We specialize in custom solution development, particularly for web and distributed applications.

We are 100% buzzword compliant: SOAP, XML, .NET, HTML, CSS, XML, SQL, Oracle, ...

Tech Notes -- About Exoware


Exoware approaches every project with the same philosophy:

  1. Solve the right problem. Our personnel are highly trained and experienced in problem analysis.

  2. Consider the big picture. Computer solutions must consider the entire business process. Software is usually a small part of the total system cost. We will show you how to benefit across the board.

  3. Apply current technology. Exoware delivers solutions that work now, with current, reliable technology. At the same time, we stay in constant touch with new techniques and trends, so we can advise you what to expect next year.

  4. Deliver high quality work. Our job is not complete until it meets your needs, is fully documented, and can be maintained easily. And Exoware doesn't stop there! We also offer training services and continuing support services.


No technology is worthwhile if it doesn't address the business needs.

  • Just because it's automated doesn't make it better.
  • If your company doesn't sell software then maybe you shouldn't be writing it.
  • Just because it's logically or mathematically correct doesn't mean it's correct in the real world.
  • Sometimes it's wiser to involve a real person than to try and code for all the 1% cases (especially if nobody understands them).
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