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Show your support for Mars rover Spirit and her team.
Why doesn't NASA make better use of their photo resources? The official NASA wall calendar, as usual, gives the impression that the only thing they do involves manned space flight[1] (not that that's not cool, too). So I decided to make my own. They are printed in glorious 200 dpi dynamic color on heavy duty high gloss paper. All calendars have been reprinted to show dates for 2009.
Huge Regular size

Space Shuttle (new)

Space Shuttle (updated)

Gravity's Ballet (Saturn in
glorious black and white)

Seasons of Ice and Shadow (Saturn)

X-15: To the Edge of Space

Robots in Space

The Red, Red Hills of Mars

Have Space Suit, Will Travel

Robot Rovers on Mars
Planetary Society

The Year in Pictures '07 (for 2009)

The Year in Pictures '06 (for 2009)
Mugs and Wall Clocks

And lots more Mugs From Space and Satellite Wall Clocks

Older calendars (updated with dates for 2009)

Seasons of Ice and Shadow 3

Seasons of Ice and Shadow 2

Seasons of Ice and Shadow 1

  1. Sure, that's what most of the bureaucracy does - but what about all the exploration going on in other parts of the solar system?